You don't develop courage by being happy in your relationships everyday. You develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity.


Meanwhile in Amsterdam my non student life has become far more expensive. The Netherlands funds students greatly and supports education. As a student you have free transportation and get free money every month from the government, if you are a EU citizen. If not, they have some other supports. Now i am motivated to exercise more and i am trying to bike ten km to work and another ten back every time to save over 5 euros from public transportation. If only the weather in Amsterdam would be great I could bike every day. Unfortunately, most of the days I am defeated by the heavy rain and powerful wind. 

After my graduation my mother made me a great graduation gift to go to Greece for a vacation. We visited the biggest island of Greece- Crete. 

Crete is wonderful! The first day we of course sunbathed, even though it was a little cloudy. For the next day we already booked a tour to another island, Santorini. This is the famous beautiful island where blue and white colors dominate. Indeed it was breathtaking and it is a magnificent destination for weddings. 

During our week of holiday we were unfortunate to have two days of rain and clouds. We made already all the plans during our first evening of arrival without knowing that the weather will change, but luckily our plans matched the weather. We rented a car for one of those rainy days. Fortunately, we did not plan a beach day for that day. So we went to drive to the other side of the big island to see the capital, Chania, to see another venetian style city Rethymno and also to see a little lake where turtles swim.

Our first stop was at the lake and even though it was raining it was stunning. The lake was laying just under the mountains. We rented a paddle boat to go across the lake and spot some turtles. There were also many birds, some tiny but scary snakes and big orange fish in the lake. And of course one ass who threw his cigarette into the beautiful water... For f's sake please don't destroy the nature! 

Next stop was Chania. By that time the rain stopped and the sun was shyly peeking from behind the clouds. We visited the beautiful port of Chania.


And our last spot of the day was Rethymno. There we visited an old castle, did a little stroll and also some shopping. There were a lot of small streets filled with shops in the centre. It's a beautiful romantic city. 

Driving around was just astonishing. Where ever you looked there was a scenery of either mountains or the blue sea or both of them. It is so calming and you just enjoy every bit of the view. 

Other days we went to the beach of course. There were two beautiful ones nearby our hotel. The walk there was a little challenging since you constantly face steep hills. Yet again walking around was wonderful. The view on your left or right with the mountains and sea makes you forget all about the hill you are trying to conquer. 

When in Greece we needed to fill ourselves up with fresh seafood, since warm countries by the sea usually offer the most delicious seafood meals. We visited a restaurant called Mythos Taverna by the beach. The food was delicious, even the squids which i usually don't prefer since i find them kind of rubbery. The owner or the waiter was delightful. He was very friendly and did shots of Raki, Greek's hard liquor, with all the clients in the end of their meal. And you got a complimentary dessert of Greek yoghurt with some cherries. 

We stayed in an all inclusive Blue Bay Resort & Spa Hotel. I was happy with my stay there. It was a bit dangerous though, with all the food and drinks inclusive. How chubby and drunk can you get in a week ? 

What a great gift !