Morocco. Essaouira.

"Own only what you can always carry with you: know languages, know countries, know people. Let your memory be your travel bag. "

The new year has already begun and my amazing Morocco trip is in the past year. It has taken ages to write this post. School just wants to take all my time to itself.

In the beginning of December, i flew to Morocco with my class. We had to do a research project there to create a new authentic backstage tour. I had previously visited Morocco in my lifetime but at a much younger age. The memory has faded slightly but still positive feelings arise when thinking of Morocco.

On my first visit to Morocco, I visited Marrakesh and Agadir. This time, i also went to see Marrakesh for a few days and then headed to Essaouira, a small city North from Agadir known for its harbour and cultural heritage sites. Marrakesh did give me a nostalgic feeling. I do remember the rush in the market. Our accommodation was in the middle of the insanity. I remembered the poor monkeys in the big square who were there to pose for photos. I even have a photo with the monkey somewhere. I also remember the scary cobras and the vuvuzela players.

Compared to Marrakesh, Essaouira is a much calmer, smaller and a cleaner city. The colours blue and white start to dominate as soon as you arrive. Already at the first evening there, we met a local guy, who guided us and helped us to find places and things. Of course, we had to tip him for his service. The Moroccan culture might seem quite pushy to some since they do attack you to buy things and if you are blonde with blue eyes you will get an overdose from attention. For a quiet northern European they might seem quite obtrusive, but it is their culture and ours might seem bizarre to them. I did like how they do put the relationship first before everything. It is most important to develop a good relationship and then do business, therefore, when shopping you do need to sit down for a tea, chat and then later comes the purchase process. 

On our first day in Essaouira, we met our local students from who we will be getting some assistance from during our research. We got to know the destination and started to develop our tour with a culinary theme. The Moroccan cuisine is delicious; the tagines, sweets, the pancakes and fruits.

Essaouira is quite a small city. In a day, we walked through the place. The locals will already know who you are in a short time. Most of the streets are tiny and narrow. There are cats everywhere. Where ever you are looking you will see a kitty. There are multiple eating places, tonnes of small shops, a big market and also a fish market at the port. Essaouira has been known as the windy city and windy it was, but it is a perfect place for windsurfers.

I have been struggling writing this post for so long so i will let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

After Morocco i had a brief visit to home as well, to see my family during the Christmas time and meet with my friends. 

This is when i saw my baby bunny for the last time. A small creature can bring so much love into your life. He had a very long and happy life with us.

In a few days, i will be travelling again. This time to Thailand together with my mother. I've heard so much good stories about Thailand. Can't wait!

To finish this post i will add a short video of our quad ride :)