He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.

I always thought i have the fear of heights and when i saw those crazy people bungee jumping or riding those insane amusement rides i was already shivering. Sometimes my legs start shaking when i am climbing narrow stairs without any support and nowhere to hold on to. I feel like i might slip and fall. Because of that, i never went on any rides at the amusement park since i was a little kid. Now i took the courage to try out something that some call slow but still goes very high up. I am actually not afraid of ferrous wheel's like the London Eye, not at all, but anything slightly faster with only a buckle up the belt on me, makes my heart beat fast. Still i wanted to test my courage and went on a very easy ride and found out that i have no feat at all. I was so happy about it and decided to level up and tried a much faster and crazier ride, where again i found out that i have no fear. And then i suddenly decided to do something insane. I went on the ride you saw on the video up. Well, that actually was very scary but gave me a great adrenaline rush when i stepped off the ride. The moment when it burst into the air with full speed just startled me, but the moment when it turned upside down when i slid forward in my chair and i was falling through the air head first towards the ground- well that was "i almost died" experience. Bungee jumping is probably not for me, but maybe i will try skydiving one day. It is fun to test yourself once in a while and find out what you are capable of.

I can't believe I have already lived three years in the Netherlands and i am about to graduate university. Time goes by way too fast and it scares me but works as a motivator as well. It makes me do things and makes me live so when my time is up i know i have made the best out of it. I am happy how i have been spending it so far. Till now i have made the right choices, done what makes me happy, trying out new things and gaining experience and met so many interesting people. I have to admit it has been a bit stressful lately since i have a lot to do in school and i am not sure what waits for me in the future after graduation, but time will tell. I have to live in the moment.

I am very lucky since i have a trip to Morocco coming up next week, where i will be doing some research for school and enjoying the Arabic culture and nice weather. I will go home for Christmas for a week and that i am really looking forward to since i missed last Christmas. And in February, i will be going to Thailand with my mother! So there is no reason to complain at all when schoolwork becomes heavy. Also, i am slowly preparing for my graduation thesis and already found a company in Malta. Who know's where that will lead me.

Anyway, that's all for now as more interesting stories will be coming soon...
...aaand some pictures:)


Babysitting cute and snoring Nocciola!

 Our project group slow tour.