Amsterdam. De Pijp area.

“Bad times have a scientific value. These are occasions a good learner would not miss.” 

The Netherlands has brought me back to my school and work schedule. School has given me the opportunity to practice my non existing photography skills. Since I bought a new camera I have discovered that it is quite challenging to make a good picture, especially with darkness, shadows, moving objects etc. Additionally, I have a million (okay not literally one million) functions on my camera.

Now my school has assigned us to create a guide book for a certain district in Amsterdam and our group got the Pipe (De Pijp) district. We have to discover the area, come up with a theme for an excursion there, create a guide book for the area and also interview the local people, stakeholders, make pictures and a video. Thus, i would like to share some amateur pictures of that area and few pictures of other places too. 

The Amstel river

Trust. Our group found a restaurant with an interesting concept, where i haven't had the chance to eat yet. In the end of the meal you will pay as much as you think the food and service deserves. If the cooks are having a rough time and don't feel like cooking then they will not, because they only want to cook the meal with love and if the feeling is not right they might stop working for a while. The customers then can either choose to wait or pick another restaurant. The whole idea is based on trust.

At the moment i don't have much to share since I am very busy with the last year of university. It's going to be a tough and an exiting year, but more about that later on...