Back home!

"A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms."

In the beginning of August i took a trip back home to Estonia to see my family. It was probably one the best trips back home that i have ever had. Usually, i go only for a week and then it is always such a challenge to see everybody and do everything you want to. This time, i went for two weeks and had enough time to enjoy, though there could be always more time.

My trip was like an awesome vacation. Firstly i have been working all summer here in Amsterdam and thus had less time for fun. I also got really lucky with the weather. It was sunny and the temperature was around thirty degrees and like ninety percent of the time. There was no rush and i could spend quite enough time with everybody. That made it all harder to leave since i got used to the joyful time at home.

I rediscovered my country and felt like a tourist travelling around Estonia, sightseeing and discovering places.

After i landed in Tallinn my mom took me to the seaplane harbour museum there to see Estonian submarine Lembitu, the icebreaker "Suur Tõll" and eat sea salt caramel ice-cream. The museum was quite fun. Besides the mentioned attractions it had a large exhibition of seaplanes, boats, you could make round the world trip in a small yellow submarine and play tonnes of fun games and you could actually go inside the submarine and see how people used to live and work there.

Trying to operate a seaplane myself.

Shooting down airplanes.

Sea salt caramel ice-cream. Delicious. Tasted sweet but you could also feel the salt pieces. 

Another mother-daughter trip took us to Narva, city which is in the North-East of Estonia, next to Russia. It felt like we arrived in Russia, since along the way all the Estonian radio stations disappeared and we had to listen to Russian songs. Also, majority of people speak Russian there. We wanted to visit the Narva-Jõesuu beach and most of all i wanted to see some bizarre sedimentation tanks. I found out about those tanks trough a random blog and they looked unbelievably stunning on pictures and nothing like Estonia. When we went to look for them it turned out that they are all restricted areas. We made a stopover and I read trough the blog post again, which said that there is one entrance from where it is possible to see the tanks. Finally, after about an hour we found it and it was totally worth it!

Few pictures of Narva city itself.

During the second half of my trip, i visited my friend, who lives in Haapsalu, a city in the North-West of Estonia, and we wanted to see a soviet time underwater prison that has become a very popular beach recently and is located in a strip mine. It had clear blue water and you could climb up on a hill to see a beautiful view of the beach and the prison.

Finally an amazing video of the place. 

Haapsalu city.

After 10 years i went horseriding again! I still remembered some moves, but it was not so easy as i used to remember it. 

And of course, i spent a lot of time with my dear friends.

Tried wakeboarding for the first time. It was quite difficult and i spent a lot of time in the water but i also got up quite a few times. 

An open-air cinema event held every summer. 

And of course the quality time with my family !!!!!

Wow. That was quite a long post. I have to admit, it was hard to come back to the Netherlands, because all of the duties and responsibilities are waiting for you, like school and work, and i really loved my time home!

To finish up i want to share an interesting article i found about travelling back home and the hard parts about it. ARTICLE