Alicante and Elche.

"I wandered everywhere, through cities and countries wide. And everywhere I went, the world was on my side."

I fell in love with Spain at the first breath i took when i landed. I felt like it would be a great country to live in, where the weather is nice, food is delicious and not so strange for me like it was in Indonesia, people are friendly, and what more do you want ?

The perks of being a tourism student are being able to travel a lot. Last week's project took me to Spain. Since i am doing a destination management course at the moment we got an assignment to write a strategic plan to a small scale destination in Spain. Trough some local contacts we chose the city Elche that was unknown to us. It is located near Alicante a slightly bigger and more touristy city by the sea. The nearest well-known city is Valencia. 

Elche is very historic city and filled with palm trees. Where ever you look you will see a palm tree! Elche has three UNESCO world heritage sites, the palm grove that we also visited and found ourselves surrounded nothing but palm trees, the mystery play a historical play of the lady of Elche and the school museum of Pusol, a museum of the cultural heritage of Elche.

During the four short days, days are always shorter on holiday, we worked on our school project only on one day and the rest of it was time to enjoy. We had to interview some stakeholders and question some people on the streets.

When visiting Elche we also decided to go to Rio Safari park to see the animals, but to be honest it was quite a sleepy atmosphere and empty there. It looked much better on the brochure, but still we met some fun animals.

Alicante is much more touristy. Eating out is quite expensive for a student, but the food is great. I really liked the paella that they are also famous for.

Alicante itself was very beautiful and i loved the colour of the sea. 

On the last picture on top of  the mountain is Santa Barbara castle that we also visited. We considered climbing it, but then realised it would be too tough and took the elevator. The view was great !

We also went out a few nights and alcohol there is really cheap! Which is not always a good thing? Last day i had a huge hangover and then had a great idea to go ride with a jet sky. Turned out to be very awesome and fixed my hangover totally. We were literally flying trough big waves!

And lastly video of the ride :)