A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor.

I've been wanting to write for a while now but i haven't had the chance. I have a stupid computer virus or a browser hijacker that often blocks my blogger and i am not able to use it. Ironically it happens mostly when i have the time and will to write. I haven't been very lucky with technology since i came to Bali. My phone has been to the repair shop like thousand times, my camera doesn't work as well and now i have problems with my computer. Luck.

But there is no time to be sad when the world around you is so beautiful! During the month or more when i haven't written anything, i have seen quite many wonderful places.
One day me, my boyfriend and another intern from our office took off to the north of Bali. We went to visit Ulun Danu Temple at the Beratan lake and Gitgit twin waterfall up in the mountains. It took us about two hours to reach to the north on our motorbike but it was worth bearing the cramp in my legs what i get after long rides. It was pretty chilly up there.

It was cool to see how the clouds were falling down on the ground.

Sometimes local people are pretty damn greedy. When the three of us wanted to enter the temple our local friend got a free pass, but we had to pay for it. How racist! Also, if they are trying to sell you something, firstly they will ask a ridiculously high price for the product. Even real Gucci or Armani things don't cost that much.

Ulun Dalu Temple.

Next stop was Gitgit Twin Waterfall. It was a long way down the stairs into the jungle with toilet stops and few stalls selling food, spices or souvenirs along the path. Luckily we went during the week so there weren't so many people and we did not have to wait in a long queue to get a picture with the waterfall. The place was gorgeous. The twin waterfalls are about 45-50 meters high. Under one of them, it was possible to swim and take a heavy shower. Along the river, a long rope was hanging so you can swing while your toes are slipping through the water.

Another day we spent at Nusa Dua peninsula. I love it there. The white sand, blue sky and glistening warm water. Felt like taking a hot bath. 

We decided to eat lunch on a tree. How often can you do that anyway? It was pretty damn awesome to eat at a bamboo tree house. It was a big restaurant on the beach having some tables on the ground and some two-storeyed tree houses. It must be hard to be a waiter in that restaurant, though. Imagine how many times a day you need to climb a tree.

I have seen this rock hard drupelet, fruit or whatever it is so many times. I am really curious about it. I have been trying to google it but unsuccessfully. If somebody knows what it is and if its eatable, let me know.  

Next pictures are the reason my phone broke. This rocky spot at the peninsula is just breathtaking. Many people go and stand there with their cameras ready to capture the splash of a wave on a photo. Even when the waves aren't so big and for ten, fifteen minutes there is barely any water climbing up the rocks, don't get yourself fooled. There will be one big wave making everybody soaking wet and ruining their cameras, iPhones, iPads or anything else expensive. That few seconds of fun cost me quite some money but it was hilarious to see everybody running away from the platform, dripping from water and checking if their precious devices  are still working.

Some weekends have been rough because of work. Not that my work is hard but because people here are such morning persons. They like to wake up early and thus some days i have to work early as well. For instance waking up four or six in the morning to go and promote our event..yaaay. It is very hard for me, a night animal, who likes to sleep late.
One Sunday we had to go to Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali resort. We had a booth there to promote our marathon during another fun run event. The resort was beautiful, with a huge golf course and a great view on a temple. Additionally, we got to eat delicious breakfast for free. Waking up so early was not so bad after all.

Paintball gun.

Bali new highway. Coming Sunday after sunset many runners will be racing for the medals and other prizes on the new Bali toll road at the event that we are helping to organise. Hopefully, it will be a success since it is the first night half marathon race in Indonesia.

My good friend came to visit me! After not seeing each other for about two years, when we both left our home and started a new life in different countries, we met each other again in an unexpected place- Bali. It was fun and nice to chat with an old friend after such a long time.

I found a great book from Singapore airport called Snowing in Bali. I decided to buy it when i saw it also here in an English bookstore. The book is about Bali's underground drug world. I had no idea that drug business is huge here. It was funny to read that many places where i have been or seen some drug bosses have made their business right there too.

During the week before the half marathon, i have been pretty busy with work. One day i sent over 150 emails. That was not fun!

After the horrible typhoon in the Philippines, rainy weather has arrived here too. It was raining very heavy in our living room!