Live in such a way that even if given another opportunity to live your life all over again, you would still choose to live it exactly the same way that you are living your life now.

Five more days till my new adventure starts. During this whole two years, i have learned so much about myself, the world, different people, different lifestyles, food, customs and so many countless things that i would never have learned in school back in Estonia. I have experienced so many new things that have made me much more open-minded and broadened my horizons. I don't regret at all coming to study here in the Netherlands and i recommend to everybody, who could have the chance, to at least spend one year abroad. Of course, everything is nor perfect. For example at home if i need something i know where to go to get it. One day i was looking for gift bags and went through five different shops that to me seemed logical to sell gift bags but none of them sold gift bags. At home, i would no directly to which shop to go. Also, it is much more convenient to go to a doctor at home. Nevertheless, I'm very happy.

Meanwhile, the weather in Amsterdam has been very good. Too hot even. Finally, i have been able to enjoy summer properly by going to the beach, grilling outside and just chilling. I also went to Luxembourg for three days to celebrate my boyfriends sisters birthday and to play with her adorable daughter. I went to the Hague, to the Indonesian embassy to get a visa. I had to go there twice. In the end, i still don't have a visa. First time i went to the embassy they said that i am missing two documents. For the next time, i brought those missing documents and then they decided that one more document is missing. I'm already looking forward doing business in Indonesia in such a different culture.

It's funny how much i know about drugs, though i am not a druggy nor a street dealer but just a souvenir shop assistant. We sell so many different types of drugs that are legal here and it is totally normal unlike in my country and in many others.

Tomorrow will be the last work day for this year and then i have a lot of preparing to do for the trip. I hate that i have to pack up everything that i have since I'm moving out. Wish me good luck with that !