Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.

I donated a bunch of clothes today. It feels so good. I think nowadays everything is about money and enough is never enough. I myself also would like to have more clothes, more this and more that though i have a better life than many other people in the world. Sometimes i just forget to appreciate the things i have.
Anyways, yesterday and today have been crazy. Firstly, it is the worst packing that i have done ever. I have to pack up everything that i own. Now i see how much stuff i have gathered over the years here and a lot of them are pretty useless. Secondly, i have had so much drama and trouble with getting my visa. I don't know if the Indonesian embassy just doesn't like me or why they are putting me through so much trouble. Still not everything has worked out perfectly and  I have to deal with some things later on. Thirdly, i had a panic attack today morning since i remembered that i forgot my passport at a supermarket copy machine the day before. Thank God it was still there. Otherwise no more Bali for me. Now finally after all this trouble, i have to sit down for a moment and just rest and start to prepare my mind for the longest trip of my life till now. Twenty-six hours. I will have an eighteen hour stop at Dubai. And then finally on the third of August, i will arrive in the summer paradise.