Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.

School, work, school, school, work, work, party, school, school , work, school.
And there goes the time.
This is why i haven't written for so long.
So for Christmas break, for one week, i went back home to Estonia. It was one of the coldest weeks there, around -20. First days of my holidays were still officially working days thus, i visited as many doctors as possible, dealt with banking and changed my ID card. Things like these are much more comfortable at home, but it makes my visit very busy. Otherwise, long story short, i went to last minute Christmas shopping, ate like a pig on Christmas Eve, met with my friends and went to party with them and gave a visit to my grandparents. Also the traditional "grave running". It actually means that before we eat the Christmas dinner we go through the graveyards where our closest ones are buried and light up some candles for them. Since it is so cold there is no time for a stroll and you basically run between the graves and therefore we invented the name grave running.

When i came back to Amsterdam i worked every day till the 2nd of January. Therefore, i did not expect that my New Years Eve celebration will be awesome. I finished work at 10 and then i found out that all the transportation facilities are not working till 1 o'clock expect taxi. The weather was horrible, only heavy rain, and i had to wait about a half an hour for the taxi at the central station to get home. Luckily i arrived half an hour before 00.00 back home and fortunately my boyfriend made an awesome dinner, brought flowers and champagne, After all, it was pretty nice, especially when we enjoyed the fireworks from our balcony right above our heads.

Because of the exams i got off from work till i finish them so i can concentrate on my studies. I worked, though, in Utrecht holiday fair for two days to promote the campsite where i was working in the summer. The work was pretty boring, to be honest, but now i have a new experience.
When i finished with the exams i really needed to blow off some steam. I and my boyfriend organised 80's theme farewell party for some of our exchange students that are leaving. Also to celebrate our new home. I moved in quite a while ago but now the place is completely ours.

My dear old friend Laura came to visit too :) Unfortunately, i had exam period and school when she was here but we managed to spend some fun time together.

 @ Nemo.

 Tulip museum.

 And of course Dutch cheese.