Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.

Hey, y'all !

Now my weeks are completely busy. Finally! Finally meaning, at last, i started working, but the precious spare time is decreasing every moment. Now i work at a souvenir shop that is actually not very hard work, is flexible and suitable besides school. I have to know the prices of the products, know about magic mushrooms and other drugs that the souvenir shops legally sell here and how the cash registration machine works. I believe after a couple of months i will be a drug expert and hopefully my mathematical skills that suck have improved too.

In school, our new project includes rural areas and because of that, we need to do a little bit of research at the countrysides. We went to a horse farm to research about the horse riding possibilities. Some horses were old and blind, some young and beautiful. I haven't ridden a horse for ages thus, i was very excited. Unfortunately, they were closing up by the time we arrived but at least we could look around still and had a little tour. There were some bunnies there too and one bunny who belonged to the neighbours but could freely jump around there. Before the horse farm, we went to another city, Zeist. On Monday morning, or actually on midday, the city was dead. Dutch people start working pretty late on Mondays. I guess they are trying to change the bad image of Mondays.

                                                                  Rock-star horsie !

That's all. Tomorrow i have to be up at a sparrow's fart so now it's time for sleep!

Ciao, ciao !