If at first you don’t succeed, think how many people you’ve made happy.

Exams are over and time to start waiting for these depressing results.

During the exam session, we had a holiday exhibition in school like last year, where different classes and its different project groups presented their project. This year our class had to create a new innovative product and the best one will win some goodies. A group, who created quit smoking tours won. That was pretty cool .

Our group :)

The best thing is that you get good and interesting food from most stands.

I haven't been out for a long time and since exams were over i went our clubbing with my Estonian girls. First, we put together my friend's new bed and then off to the town. Amsterdam was busy like usually on a Friday night. Most clubs are so full that it is hard to dance , but otherwise, it was still fun and i got to dance a lot !

Tomorrow back to school !
Ciao Ciao !