A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.

Summertime and the living's easy...

The weather is now super and only appropriate for enjoying the beach or chilling outside but not for studying or staying in school. Since I have too many holidays (oh-oh how bad is that? ), last week a four-day long weekend and also a week before that, i have been enjoying the beach, the park and my sauna-like balcony.

The parks are crowded. People are coming for a picnic or just to sunbathe, stroll or read a book. Not only parks but also the traffic on canals is very busy. I think a proper Amsterdammer should have a boat. It's a must. I had to wait once eternity for all the boats to sail by while being stuck at the traffic light because the bridge was pulled up for those boats to pass.

When I came to Amsterdam I did not know if I could find some nice beaches here to sunbathe. Now I visited two. Well, the first one was not actually a beach and I am not even sure if I found the "beach" that i was looking for in the first place, but I found a nice pond. The water maximum level was up to waist length and the pond was in the middle of some sort of park. Because the sun was burning your skin the nice pond was good enough. Mostly parents with children were there because it was not steep and no danger for a kid to drown. Laying beside the pond you could hear bass kicking hard from different directions. A lot of festivals were held there, where unfortunately I had no access without a ticket of course.

Another beach I visited was by the sea, where I got sunburnt. Families came with their boats on the beach to enjoy the weather. By one o'clock the coastline was full of anchored boats the owners laying in front on the sand. Most of them owned a dog or even two, who swam and got overexcited when their master threw them something in the water.

I guess this is all I have done lately besides trying to study a little. Now i will be busybusybusy trying to finish up with school and go back to Estonia for almost two weeks ! I am starting to feel quite homesick.  Soon :)