Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

I have been wanting to visit the sex museum here in Amsterdam for some time already and now finally I got to go.  The whole experience was pretty hilarious and slightly educating. When you stepped in you could already hear sex noises.

Basically, the whole museum had a variety of sex knick-knacks from different countries, pornographic pictures through the years, Marilyn Monroe and her history as a sex symbol, perverse S&M sex pictures and a mini red light district. I did not expect that people already did extremely naughty pornographic photos in the year 1920 in all different poses. Some of the pictures were very funny and weird and would not consider arousing. The Chinese sex symbols stood out from others as well as African, with their wooden tribal sex toys. Red light district was funny too, where you can peep into windows or  get startled by the unexpected jizz.

Marilyn Monroe.

The first kind of commitment rings people gave each other were these rings when having a sexual relationship. 

Well, this is a good way to protect your virginity. Also, men put a chastity belt on their women, when going on a long trip. 

Sex comics. The Flinstones, Popeye and Batman have a naughty side too. 

"Hey, Pssst ! " Called the flasher for attention. 

After this visit, i needed something decent and went to movies to see a 3D one for the first time. Yes, i have not seen a 3D movie still and i am so two thousand and late. But i went to see The Avengers, which i liked a lot and Robert Downey Jr. is just awesome !

This Saturday i went to meet with my boyfriend's mother, who works on a cruise ship, a big one. I ate a lovely breakfast and lunch there that i can't afford. An omelette with blue cheese, fruits, cakes-delicious! The boat was huge and nice. The cruise was for older people, who have spare time and money to cruise around. 

I would not mind going cruising around the Caribbean seas !