We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.

Hey hey ! Guess who's back, back again... alright so yesterday i arrived back from Luxembourg with a little cold caught from the rainiest days there. At least on the last day, the weather was very nice, even the moments I went outside. I guess the weatherman likes me, but my body doesn't and want's to get ill. 

I and my boyfriend arrived quite late in the evening to Luxembourg, where his sister picked us up to drive us to her house, which is in Dudelange a bit away from the Luxembourg city itself. I met with his sister's husband, who is Italian and spoke no English. I have to admit it was quite awkward and i did not have much to say because of the language barrier and the whole trip I left an impression of being extremely shy. But oh well someday when i will learn the language the awkwardness can be cured. 

On the next day, their family had a little easter celebration and we went to eat with the Italian part of the family. Namely to the place of my boyfriend's sister's husband's uncle. Comparing the celebration of an Estonian family and an Italian family, the difference is huge. The Italian family is louder than a huge rock concert flavoured with some drama  and an Estonian family celebration seems to be like a quiet funeral next to it. The food was different from what we cook of course but delicious. 

On the first day, i also saw the Doudelange itself. It was like a small village with super cute colourful houses and some of them looked more like doll houses coloured in pink and surrounded with small cute figurines. The drivers in Luxembourg are very polite and owned fancy cars. They stop for every pedestrian and are decent. But i would not want to live in Luxembourg even if the salary is one of the highest in Europe. It is so small and there is not so much to do. Also, it is expensive. Eating outside would kill your wallet. Only big chains, like H&M, have the same prices. 

 I like also how between all the cute houses are some "secret" backstreets that are very narrow but useful shortcuts. 

Omnomnom.. I have always wanted to try out these macaroons. They looked cool and now i can say that they are also delicious. 

On the next day, i saw another part of Luxembourg, Esch-Alzette, which was not so much. Streets full of shops and European style buildings.  The day after i visited Luxembourg itself, which was pretty. I liked the most that it has like a big hole in the middle of it where people have their houses, parks and other facilities. It looked especially pretty from above. Luxembourg had more of the city life than Dudelange with the shopping streets and more cultural sightings to offer. 

The last day we spent in France, in Metz. France is absolutely beautiful and i think every city of it is. When arriving somebody was playing very Frenchy melodies on  an accordion which is commonly stereotyped in cartoons as a background music when a Frenchman is walking around wearing a barrette and eating a baguette. In Metz, i mostly walked around to see the city but also took a ride on a pedal boat on a lake. Metz reminded me a little bit of Paris but like a miniature of it. 

I haven't seen yet a "market" like this. People have brought their old toys on the street so other people can just take them. I also picked up a furry, fluffy very funny and a bit old looking dog from there. 

Super designed building, which makes me want to climb on the roof and take some awesome slides. Of course, it would be better to have something soft to land on under it. 

I did not know before that pick-pocketing is so big on the train lines Luxembourg-Brussels-Amsterdam. I thought pickpockets are everywhere and can happen to anyone anywhere that something gets stolen but it is actually a very or even too common thing on the trains and this is why the announcements also warn people from pickpockets at almost every stop. My boyfriends back bag got stolen too right next to us. The thing is that the thieves hop on at one stop and empty the train and get off on next one or one after. Unfortunately, it was too late to get back that back bag because that pickpocket got probably already off. The ticket controller also said that many people's things got stolen. On the next train, another pickpocket was in action. At one point a Chinese lady started to scream and run around the train like crazy announcing that her green back bag was stolen. She was lucky enough that the train had not made its stop yet so the thief was still on the train. The thief was caught luckily but i have never seen a Chinese that aggressive. Usually, they are very calm and restrained but this one was yelling so that the whole train could hear and also was very aggressive towards the thief demanding her bag back. 

Tomorrow back to school then... Yaay ! Actually, I'm quite happy because it is just one and a half month until summer and two months of school left. Unless i manage to fail my exams... oh boy...