A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams.

One thing i love about Amsterdam is that you can dress however you like and no one cares. The mass here is very diverse. Once i saw something a little bit abnormal for myself. A guy was wearing a big white very furry, poodle-like coat and a black bow-tie on it. Kind of like on the picture below just without showing the chest. Was not very stylish in my opinion. I have noticed also that many ladies here are wearing a fancy coat and a nice handbag all pimped up and then wearing some sneakers with them. And of course, you can wear a dildo costume anytime.

My place is totally mouse proof now. The hole, where the mouse used to come is blocked and has an extremely poisonous edge. One night a mouse squeaked for hours. I think it was dying and there was nothing that i could do. It was horrible and kind of made me remorseful. Just horrible!

Back to more cheerful topics.I am very proud of myself because once when i went dancing a small Dutch boy started to talk with me and i almost understood all and could answer too! Something has stuck on me by living here and taking Dutch classes from that bad teacher. Everything i do is in English. 

Here in Diemen is a small zoo too. Rather for farm animals. A bunch of birds, ponies, sheep, a donkey, bunnies ( so fluffy!), goats and llamas. I made friends with the donkey, it kept coming near me and asked for patting. Aww.

Since i haven't been anywhere outside Amsterdam this holiday was a good opportunity to go to another city. I and a couple of friends went to the Hague, which is the third-largest city in the Netherlands and has a great beach. Mostly we walked around the city having a touristic sightseeing tour and also we went to the beach, where i must go back when the weather allows having minimal amount of clothes on. 

Somebody came back from the past riding with that awesome car. 

The beach - Scheveningen

The heavenly taste of the warm fresh stroopwafels! I just love them. And when you are visiting the Netherlands you just don't leave without tasting them, fresh or not. 

Exterior of the Binnenhof, which has been the centre of Dutch politics.

Compared to Amsterdam, where you find coffee shops on every street, every corner, well basically everywhere, then in the Hague there were almost none. We visited one which we found in china town after having walked quite some time already. On the wall were hanging all the different paper money from the world including the old Estonian money. 

Nomnomnom ladies.. something delicious for you !

 Next week off to Berlin then and will keep you posted about that awesome trip :)