If you can spend a perfectly useless afternoon in a perfetly useless manner, you have learned how to live.

Sorry for posting so "often". The school takes most of my time. At least the coming two weeks are off for a holiday and a school trip to Berlin that i am really looking forward. 

I have been taking hip-hop classes for some time now and i really like it. Though in the dance centre there are quite a lot of black people and you know how they just can dance, they are born with the dancing talent. So jealous. Even if they raise only one arm or  finger it looks cooler when i try to move my wooden body.  

I really can't complain about the weather here. Yes, it rains a lot but it also quite sunny and the thermometer is mostly on the plus scale comparing to my country. I understand that all the Caribbean people feel like in Siberia here.

An Estonian friend from Sweden came to visit ! Actually, there are quite a lot of Estonian people here now. My ex-classmate came to study to the same school as well. And by a lot, I mean like three or  four. Don't forget that we are only 1,3 million in Estonia. 
The biggest coincidence in my life happened this week, while i was shopping with my friend. I was in a shop and suddenly heard a man saying my name. Looking up it was my old boss from Italy. What a serendipity ! Funny how people from two different countries can suddenly meet in another country in a totally random place. Seven billion people yet the world is still so small.
About my little visitor again, we, of course, went to partying and shopping. Well, i was mostly window shopping.

Typical Dutch krokets and French fries with my favourite peanut sauce in the middle. Krokets are filled with smashed potato and additionally with some meat or vegetables. Delicious, but not really healthy. 

These rubber boots are so cute and perfect for the Dutch rainy weather!

Cannabis lollipop. Do not ever try it, it's disgusting! And the bad taste lasted so long in my mouth. And no, it does not get you high.