Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.

Exams are over, yay !

During the exam week, the mouse greeted me again , who i hadn't seen for months. This time, it was so scary that i was stuck on my chair for some time and too afraid to come down. First, it ran to the bedroom under my roommate's bed. It totally horrified me that we are in the same room. After i did not see it for some time i thought it is gone and i could start planning what i am going to wear tomorrow's press conference. Since the cupboards are too small here i keep my clothes in my luggage. When i opened my luggage to take out some clothes there it was staring right back at me. I know it is scared of me too but i can't help it that i am actually more scared of it that the mouse is of me. At least now some handymen came and shut the hole closed where the mouse came from and added some poison.

During the exam week, we had a press conference about our product of 5-day tour package in Amsterdam that we had come up with a team and had to present. This project did not go so well, unfortunately, but it's always good to get some experience.

After the last exam, it was time to celebrate and some of us went into the dear old school bar. One of my classmates started to talk how amazing and enormous his house is, well his parent's house, and that we should come and visit. A group of us decided to go and see if it really is that big as claimed. It was all true and i felt like i am in one of the old version of Beverly Hills 90210 houses but instead of a sunny beach view from the balcony, the house was surrounded by a beautiful canal. Their garden was more like a park itself and for most of us poor students, their living room was bigger than the students apartment itself. At least my place is bigger than the toilet there. His parents were very hospitable as well and started to serve us with all sort of different drinks and different pizzas suitable for everyone's taste. It was indeed a lot of fun.

I have not been to the zoo for a long time. I think the last time i was there i was a little kid. Me and one of my friend decided to visit Amsterdam Artis zoo. I have mixed feelings about zoos if they are more beneficial or damaging.  Some big animals are held in a cage way too small for them. I liked that some of the animals were loose like, for example, some monkeys and the birds in a bird house.  The monkeys did not jump on you or anything. Probably because they see tourists every day and don't even care about them.

Bird with a moustache.  Well hello, ladies !

Red-ruffer lemurs were loose too. So you could go quite close but they were not interested in tourists.

Baby chimp was awfully cute!

And my favourites on the farm animal section, fluffy bunnies. Can't help but love them. You could go into to the farm animals fence and pat the goats for example and walk around poop under your shoes. At least poop should bring good luck whether it's under your shoes or anywhere else on you, right? That's what i have learned from Estonia. I choose to stick with this belief because it at least cheers you up a little when you are all stinky.

Yesterday i went to the city to look for a job from bigger clothing shops like H&M for example, but I'm afraid i won't get there because of my lack of knowledge in Dutch. Anyway good luck for me! I was also shopping and at least i got a big amount of stuff with very low prices. There were some shops offering sales all for 9,99 €. Of course, everything was not with that price but most of the stuff still was, even boots and winter jackets. I'm not sure about the quality, though.

Now i will be enjoying the rest of my week off from school until school starts again.