If you don't ask, the answer is always no.

What is going on here !?! Dutch people have lost their mind and many of them jump in front of a train to commit suicide. My classmates have been late to school one too many times because of that. Not that it is only sad, horrible and totally crazy, it messes up all the train system too for other people. Apparently, this is not some at the moment plague or "in fashion" thing that is going on just now, but Dutch even have their own statistics counting how much people jump in front of a train. Some statistics claim even 10 people per day. I sincerely hope not. Others talk about some hundreds a year. I hope the last one is more reliable.

At least i live few minutes from school but if i am late i don't have a good excuse.

In English class, our teacher played a little joke about Dutch Christmas on tape. Instead of little elves, the Dutch Santa has six to eight black men (Dutch don't know the exact number) helping him. In most of the countries parents tell their children that if they are good, elves come and bring them candy during the night. The Dutch parents will say that you better pack your important stuff because six to eight black men are breaking in our house tonight. Dutch people already celebrate Saint Nicholas day on the fifth of December.

On Friday i went out to clubbing to the city but couldn't stay long because i had to do an observation for my school on the next day. We have to choose two entertainment providers that fit in our created tour package and observe them. This is to find out our target group for the tour. So basically you have to sit down for a couple of hours and stare at people. I need to make a list beforehand of age segments and count how many of people are at a certain age . Luckily not too challenging after a night out. Another task is to blend in with the tourists and follow the tour guide or just follow the people and see what they are up to and how their expressions are. Our groups chosen entertainment providers are Rijksmuseum and the Royal Palace. On Saturday i went to the Royal Palace, which was quite beautiful but the flash was forbidden to use when taking photos so every picture i took is a bit foggy.

I love the old beds with the curtains. I would like to spend a night in a bed like that.

It is funny to think that the tourists are not allowed to touch the things, of course, but in the end of the day some cleaning lady comes and cleans all the rooms by touching everything and may start playing role games pretending she is the queen or something. I would do that.