There’s no next time. It’s now or never.

Two guys knocked on my door, who were seeking Dutch speaking people to offer a job. 
They:  Do you speak Dutch? (in Dutch)
Me: No i don't ( in Dutch)
They: Wait, wait. So i ask you in Dutch and you also answer in Dutch.. are you sure you don't speak Dutch ?
Me: Well only een beetje (a little bit).
Thanks to that i still got to write my details down so after some months or next year i have a chance to find a job through them if i want.
Mi chiamo Agnes , e tu?  Finally had my Italian lesson! Though only half of it, because the other half went for taking class photos, which is nice still for memories. 

Christmas are coming. Holland doesn't have a regular Santa Clause dressed in red . Dutch have the Sinterklaas (St. Nicholas). The celebration is on 5th of December when Sinterklaas comes to visit the Netherlands and goes around, visits schools and entertains children.

Actually, Belgium, Northern Germany and also some other Dutch colonies celebrate it with the Saint Nicholas too. 

Sinterklaas little helpers are not dwarfs but Zwarte Pieten ( Black Pete's).

Instead of reindeer's they come on a white horse.
Some people think that it is racist- Saint Nicholas having black servants. There have been some discussions about it and even protests, but it is still an old tradition and i doubt it will change. I find it not racist at all, rather the opposite because otherwise, it's all about white- the Santa Claus is originally white, though probably in black people families they appear as black after the head of the family has disappeared mystically. Also, the dwarfs are known as white so it's all about white but with the Sinterklaas, they have now also black people in the "hood". I guess it's all about the way you look at it.

The high point of the last week was when the stripper came to perform in the ladies night party, which we had in our school bar.

What a mountain of muscles. But the party was a great success. I had a lot of fun and it was probably the biggest party we had had in the school bar, well the biggest since i have been here. Unfortunately, the party caused me skipping some classes the next day and made my whole long weekend (4 days precisely) lazy. Oh well :)