Smart has the plans, stupid has the stories.

Back to life in Holland.

On Friday i managed to go only to one lecture. I blame London because it made me so tired and i had some of the previous work undone. The lecture that i participated was really nice with a teacher who i liked from the very first introduction day. He was also talking about Estonia, how British bachelors like to go to Tallinn to party because it is so cheap. Everybody in the class turned their eyes on me and the teacher asked : "You must come from Estonia?". Indeed. He knew how to say terviseks, which means cheers in Estonia. Everybody, who knows something in Estonian, definitely knows that word because of the "awesome" ending. The teacher also mentioned that we shouldn't think something dirty, it just means cheers.  The teacher is studying dark tourism here and will probably tell us some interesting stories. Dark tourism includes death. I learned already that some people go to Dallas to just to see the place where Kennedy was shot. Also to Vienna to see the toilet of modern art.

Awesome toilet indeed, but still a toilet would not be the main reason to visit a country/city for me.
Italian lessons were added to our schedule, which are optional. I definitely will start going there. Italian is so beautiful.

In our new project group i will be the leader. I am a bit scared that what if i don't do well. But i learned a lot from our last project group so should still handle.
Last night i went out with my roommate and some other friends. We started in the containers and then went through some clubs and ended up in a rock pub. Quite a lot of people were looking at me because my style and looks didn't fit in the atmosphere. Maybe only my black hair. My taste in music is hugely wide and i still enjoyed. 

Time to study again. I missed only two days of school and already a huge amount of homework. College is fun, but a lot of hard work too.

This is what my mouse probably does with the traps: