Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.

Studying, studying, studying- what i have been doing lately. Super tired of it. At least some hard work has payed off and i have passed two of the exams. Ones result i am still waiting for. But the English one i am really proud of. I studied for it only maybe an half an hour and got an 80 points out of 100, although i found the exam quite hard.

Finally i did some sports for a while, namely i went swimming. In the swimming pool the majority were old people and the pool was quite small but it was okay for me. It had also sauna, but i didn't have extra change for it. This costed 3x 50 cents. One old woman told me that i have an awesome swimming suit. Thank you lady!

Being a leader is not easy at all. People are so different that it is hard to find the best working way. Also it is hard to work with some people, who think totally differently and think that working hard will not lead to success. My tutor was working in Rwanda for a little time. He made an appointment with students for one day and in a certain time. Being totally ready and exited in the agreed time, no one were there. A little time  later students started to come in one by one and without apologizing. This is very normal there, but being on time for Dutch people is quite important.

Talking about Dutch, it sometimes amazes me that such a small country with bad conditions has become so successful. They have too much water and wind here but they turn it to an advantage producing windmills and organizing canals. People live very well here and no wonder so many people from other countries come to live here too. We all know that drugs are legal in the Netherlands, but i have found so many Dutch people that don't smoke weed and some even don't drink alcohol. But many internationals and tourists do. Limits may make situations even worse, many other countries have a large number of alcohol consumption and under age drinking problems.

On Thursday there was another fair in school, which we had to visit to interview people there. The fair was nice but i am still sad that Italian lesson was canceled because of this. I love fairs because you can get so much cool stuff for free from there. I got slippers, lip gloss, some small hotel bottles of shower cream or body lotion, small bottle of lemon liqueur, event binoculars, lollipop,  a lot of mouth fresheners and some pencils. I am really happy of the slippers, because i don't have a vacuum cleaner and it is really hard to keep it very clean here. Either have i a hallway, where to keep the shoes that make the floor dirty. At least the autumn here is not like in Estonia, often muddy.

I learned some odd things about Chinese and China. In China google is forbidden, because the government doesn't want to let the people find out bad information about it, the government. Chinese people are allowed to travel only to places, which are approved by the government. Also Chinese people are afraid to admit that they don't know something. For instance if you ask directions from 5 different Chinese, you kindly will get an answer but all of them directed differently. They rather say something than answer honestly that they don't know. Of course we cannot say that all Chinese are like that.

What is funny that some Dutch people don't like to be in the same hotel with Russians, when they party because they are loud. Due to that Dutch tour operators are offering Russian free hotels.

I Amsterdam makes key holders that will float on water. If you lose your keys during a party into the canal, don't worry it will float and you'll be OK !

I found an awesome sculptor, Bruno Catalano, with some great and interesting work:


I have been very sad for a while too, because i almost thought that dancing is something i have to quit. Luckily there might be still an option for me.

I want to go to Bora Bora ! Okay ask me rather if there is a place where i wouldn't want to go ? Umm..No?

Christmas is coming and on 17th of December i will go to Estonia for three weeks! See you soon sweethearts!