I distrust camels, and anyone else who can go a week without a drink.

Today was the first time when i went to the city by myself. I think this is necessary so to remember the places better, because every time i am with somebody i don't pay a lot of attention to where i am going.

Firstly i wanted to find out some second hand shops. I found an awesome vintage shop and with normal prizes. There was a large variety of outasight jerseys that i wanted to buy right away.Unfortunately i don't have that much finance. When i get a job, i will for sure shop there. Other second hand shops that i found were way too expensive. H & M , for instance, is much cheaper. I taught second hand shops should be cheap but quite a lot of the clothes were with average or higher prize. It is more clever to go to brand shops when they are having sales.

I managed to leave my cv into a hotel too. Hopefully i will get lucky, but i need to start trying harder. Here it is not easy to find a job if you can't speak Dutch. Also when you have a Dutch passport you can get quite a nice sum of study fiance. Not fair.

I saw two old guys cheating with the bus ticket, using one ticket for both of them. Naughty grandfathers.

Try to find your bike vol2 :

This is probably the biggest bike parking place in Amsterdam. 

Some people really live in the boats. I haven't noticed that till now thanks to the laundry.

Street art.

Must have. When i will get some extra money from nowhere i will buy them! I just love these sponge bob or who ever cartoon character t-shirts. These hoodies are cool too.