“Fashion is what you adopt when you don't know who you are.” Quentin Crisp

My fashion post aka what did i buy from London.

 Got this necklace with 6 pounds after some dickering.

3 pounds. Goes well with Amsterdam.

From 10 pounds i got it to 8 then to 6 and finally the merchant gave it to me with 5.  Win. 

Bought from Camden market. Got it with 7 pounds but was supposed to pay 7.50. The lady couldn't count at all. Poor her, she can lose so much money with her little head. 

Mmm. Super hot Johnny Depp. Got it for 8.99 at jubilee market. Forgot to ask to lower the price, was too distracted by the picture.

A real souvenir purchase. Must have proof that you have been in London. 5 pounds. 

When i saw the superman hoodie i thought i must buy this. I love cartoon stuff. Looked for the cheapest one and got it for 12 pounds, actually for 11. The man gave me discount for no reason and i forgot to ask for it again too. 

This was super cheap.. like 4 pounds or something. I even forgot the name of the shop where i bought it. It had a huge sail and was totally crowded. But it was so cheap there hence, i had to crab something. If there would have been less people i would have looked around more.

And my new glasses. 4 pounds.

London is so expensive and i think for a shopper, who has a limited credit, is only useful to visit the markets. I didn't manage to go to Oxford Street but maybe it was better to not to see the expensive shops.

And now some pictures of some other awesome clothes that i saw.They were really expensive.