Anyone who says he can see through women is missing a lot.

Finally i got out of my room. I was literally losing my mind already!

The evening before my exam i had to go out and relax a bit. I went to my classmates and ate some delicious Italian food and made some pancakes. Though eating noodles or a 1 minute soup every day, everything else starts to taste too delicious. When i came back from his place i stayed stayed out for a short time in the containers and met with a bunch of Polish guys and some other people, who i already knew. One guy from the containers caught a mouse and now another guy is keeping it in a box.

Cute and little, but still disgusting. Recently i haven't heard a mouse in my room. Either the mouse in the picture was my mouse or the black pepper scared mine off. My friend told me to put black pepper to the places the mice usually hang out, but when there is pepper there they should stop visiting. Maybe this really worked.

I am not sure what to expect from the exam i had. I can say that if you haven't prepared anything for it , then it is quite impossible to do it well. I'm clad i prepared, hopefully i prepared enough.

After the exam i wanted to go out again. When i arrived to the city i realized how much i had missed it and how much i just love Amsterdam. It is just awesome city with a great atmosphere.

I like how every metro is decorated from the inside (some of course full of graffiti from the outside).  Always i see different decorations too, maybe just once i saw one twice. 
Especially when you are alone it is nice to watch them of boredom.

It's movie time !

There is something for every size.

Try finding your bike here:

No wonder some people put ridiculous decorations to their bikes just to make it possible to find their own.