You can dance anywhere, even if only in your heart.

I miss dancing! I miss it so bad...
.. but finally i went to see a dance studio. I am planning to learn break dance and so my old friend from Wintour stage showed me a place. Break dance lessons will start from the 14th of October so we watched a hip-hop lesson instead. In the end of the lesson i asked my friend in which level is this class, they were beginners. I swear, at that moment i wanted to go six feet under and i felt such i loser that now i am afraid to tell people that i have taken dancing lessons before. For me the level was advanced, i could never learn the routine that they did. For Estonian dancers I sincerely suggest to go abroad to improve their dancing. The level in Estonia sucks really bad, with some exceptions luckily.
I was told that the break dance teacher had performed in Holland got talent. That sounds good. I also met him and he looked really cool! I am so exited and afraid both. I am gonna suck so bad, but i really want to learn this so i have to accept that i will be a total loser for a while.

I took a little tour in a coffee shop again. This must have been a really good one, because there was a wall covered with pictures of celebrities, who have been there. For example Eminem. But in the coffee shop you don't see only real potheads with green,yellow,red clothes. There you can find all sorts of people : old granny's , really nerd like girl rolling a joint, really pretty girls, tourists of course, young till old, normal couples, every kind of persons. Actually the real pothead looking people are the minority. At least in that coffee shop. For me it is still a bit unbelievable that here people smoke cannabis like cigarettes. 

The weather here at the moment is more than perfect. I am so lucky that i have a longer summer now !

In Holland they have the best candies ever, wine gums. Look like ordinary gummy candies, but the taste is awesome. I could eat tons of them!