Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.

Sitting on a metro and having two giggling girls next to you, taking out papers, grinder and weed to start rolling a joint, isn't something to be surprised about. It is as normal as taking out a bottle of water from your bag when feeling thirsty.

The first glum person that i saw here, was a toilet lady in the metro , who asks money from people and cleans the toilets. But i don't blame her for being a little grumpy , she doesn't have the best job in the world you know.

Some bad news for me. This morning, when i was super exited about the IFIUS event and really looked forward to meet with the Italians, when on my way to them i received news that the plans have changed AGAIN. Instead of having the Italian basketball players we will have Romanian girls volleyball team.  Not that i awfully wanted to have guys ( though Italian guys, come on, really hot or what? ) , but i am more disappointed that it is so unorganized. Still i hope this will be a lot of fun, especially the party on Thursday. And now when thinking more about it, it is hard to organize this event overall. Unfortunately the Italian guys don't participate at all, so we won't meet any of them ( at least not the basketball players, about other sport teams i don't have information), but probably will meet many other cool people.

In America they have police in schools. Now the police is allowed to give electric shock to the students, when they really can't handle them. This is called to be normal. Some students can beat up the police very badly at times. Sounds more like a private school for kids that misbehaved all the time in regular school and now had to be put in stricter one. Still this is a normal school and can be a very normal situation.

Starbucks is so overrated. It is very expensive and the coffee isn't that good at all. Muffin that i ate was good though, but nothing special. I didn't feel very well too after drinking the coffee. However must try out all the popular stuff to make sure if it is that good or not. Starbucks- no. I am more that kind of a person, who prefers unusual to commercial.

I have learned some new things about myself. I consider myself now as a super active person. I am doing 100 things at a time and willing to.
I am a bit disappointed of someone, who don't bother talking and keeping contact. I am thinking that okay maybe you are busy as well. We all are nowadays, but when i ask what have you been up to then the answer usually is - nothing much. I take it as not caring anymore. I hope i am wrong. I gave my contribution, so take it or leave it.

At the moment i am throwing a party for 4 classes together. I hope it will be really cool. At least i have some experiences by throwing a party in Estonia. It surprises me that a teacher is willing to help to spread the information out.

LMFAO is coming to Amsterdam on October 20. Sometimes the student life sucks, because you can't afford everything, so i have to pass this concert. But i heard Lady Gaga is planning to come too some day. Then i must go ! In Estonia only really old farts come to give concerts, so i have never been in a concert before.