To be beautiful means to be yourself.

It is impossible to study hard. As much as i want to get well prepared for the exams i still prefer staring the ceiling rather than studying. All those hard and unfamiliar words doesn't make sense to me after reading them 10 times anyway.
Now here i am writing a blog post instead.

For a small country like Holland, it is quite famous, except quite many Estonians know only it as a country of weed. People keep asking me why i came to an idea to come to Holland. It is multicultural, everybody speaks English, culture isn't something that is hard to get used to, like Muslims for example. Actually some Dutch people say that Holland doesn't have it's own culture anymore, because of the huge number of other nationalities in here. Also the cuisine isn't something extreme that i should get really used to, like in China for example.
Now i heard that Britney was here, in Rotterdam. LMFAO should perform today. And the most awesome fact is that Hangover 3 will be filmed here in Amsterdam. I will look up the dates and maybe it is possible to go there to a mass scene at least. Would be awesome to get some more of that 2 seconds of  fame!

What more can i say. Last days haven't been very interesting, staying at home ill and trying to focus on my studies. Only one, who keeps me thrilled, is our dear mouse. Well after the exams it will get interesting again.

Soon it will be the Holiday Fair in our school, where each TRM students group has to present their selected destination and make it attractive tourism destination. (Maybe i have already mentioned it before? )
Well anyway i have managed to make our country, Greece very attractive to myself by just watching the pictures. They make me forget all about the economy and the struggles there.

How could you possibly say that no, i don't want to go there ?