No one knows what he can do till he tries.

My life has been fun an joy so far, but of course this can't last ad infinitum. This is life, with its ups and downs. 

Last evening , quite late, i received information to pick up Romanian team at 9 from their hotel and to bring them to their volleyball match at 10.45. Didn't have much time to prepare, neither i knew where was what. Trouble caused the fact that Romanians had their own bus, so with that we had to lead them from point A to B. A car ( in their case bus) is the most pointless transport mean in Holland. With everything else you will manage better, a lot better. 

Firstly had to wake up at 7 on my free day. I had to go to school to print out a map to get some clue of our route. When i arrived in front of the school i had to run back home to change my pants. Apparently my bottle cap decided to come off  from the bottle of water and make all my bag wet from inside and also get through the bag to my pants. Knowing that i was already getting late made a bad start for the day.
I, my friend arrived 20 minutes later to the Romanian girls hotel, planned to be polite, to greet everybody and then apologize, but already an old, fat Romanian (coach , someones father, or who ever) man tapped his index finger on the wrist, having " i would like to kill you know" look on his face. We were really sorry and got scared. 
Next bad thing was that we only had a stupid map  and the address of the place but no idea how to give directions. Luckily someone had a GPS and that helped us a lot. Neither of us did dare to look back of the bus,at the girls or the coaches, because all we could hear from the back was sights showing discontentedness.
We had to get a lot of more trouble through finding the right house, losing the bus driver at some point, but finally at 11 past something found the right place and then we heard that their game was cancelled anyway so they didn't miss anything. At least that was a good news i think. 

I think everybody now hates us from the team, especially the old Romanian farts. I really tried to smile, be polite and give my best to make everything go well. I am sorry, but the IFIUS event is very unorganized and we don't receive any information on time. At least some of the girls understood that the whole thing wasn't our fault actually. We would have been much more prepared if we would have known all this for Sunday for example but on Sunday we taught hot Italians are coming to us.
The Romanian men left me an impression of grumpy and really rude. I hope i am wrong and Romanians are actually nice and they just were some sport obsessed coaches that about everything else in life they don't give a fuck ( sorry about my language) and just want the games to be played.
Maybe i am overreacting too, because of course they were allowed to be pissed after 3 days of driving with a bus and now all the mess. Just it felt that all the anger was poured on us, though we aren't the organizers of this event.

All in all i am still positive and will take an advantage of whole this event anyway. After all i will laugh about this a lot eventually.

I hope you guys had a better day than i did!