Insane people are always sure that they are fine. It is only the sane people who are willing to admit that they are crazy.

Last night I wasn't able to fall asleep because of fear. I was so frightened of the mouse that was making loud noises in the kitchen. I think it went to eat the poison so maybe I won't hear it again. Very cruel , but I am really afraid of it.

Who needs to read the introduction, how to make a fast soup. Just pour the powder in to hot water and mix it, right? No need to go to google translator and type in all the Dutch words to translate into English. If it comes to me, please do that next time. My final result was a soup with huge lumps of the powder in it.
Lesson learned. Today I google translated the introduction how to make meatballs with peanut sauce. It was probably the best meal I have made so far. They sell a lot of peanut tasted sauces here and I am so in love with them!

I have learned some really bad sides of mass tourism :

Imagine now if some of them really needs to pee. It takes ages to get out of the pool, of course it is much more convenient to answer the earth calls right on the spot.  In the end of the day, how many of them really needed to pee?

What if my stop comes and I need to get out ? 

There are so different types of tourists that many of their wishes and expectations I don't understand. I remember when I was in Morocco and my family had some spear time to walk around and buy the souvenirs before we go back home . We walked near to our hotel and found a really cheap store that we went to check it out.  There were some other people from Estonia too. What were they looking for? Souvenirs for their friends and family. What did they buy? Some neon green fake Levi's belts. Why ? This is something I don't understand. Firstly if I travel somewhere, I want to buy something that is unique and can't be found in my country, only in that destination. Secondly , neon green and wrongly written Levi's with big letters all over it ? Are you kidding me. I would have understood if it was like really cool style and ... well at least nice. Of course when you go shopping abroad you may go to the same brand stores that are in your country because they sell different products, newer.

Now I really have to study day by day for the exams. Good thing is that I am ill and there is no temptation to go out and can use the time for studying. Bad thing is I feel so sick and weak that it is hard to move my eyes to follow the lines that are written in the book.
I hope I will pass all my exams that I wont have to do a resit. I have four chances overall to pass my exam. Eventually everybody should pass them, though there are people who prove the opposite.

Recently I end up all the time with some topics about holocaust. Surfing on the internet, for example, accidentally find videos about it or what so ever. Anne Frank museum is also in here in the Netherlands, which is something I didn't know about before actually. Should visit for interest for sure.
Talking about concentration camp The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is a really great movie that I saw, one of my favorites. Extremely sad but incredible. 

Another museum, happier for sure, is the House of Bols , which is a cocktail museum. A tour there includes a cocktail and you will be able to see the world of bar tending and cocktails, their taste and smell. Though i doubt that after the visit you will be wasted.