I have never been a millionaire, but i have enjoyed a meal, a crackling fire, a glorious sunset, a walk with a friend, a hug from a child, a cup of soup, a kiss behind the ear. There are plenty of life's tiny delights for all of us.

I don't now what is wrong with the weatherman here. Is he drunk or aboulic. Sun and rain switch off an on all the time. For one minute you can enjoy the sun and then during the next minute you can get completely wet by the rain. Please make a decision already, so people know what to wear.

Yesterday i just couldn't keep my mouth shut when the teacher asked what country it is pointing to Estonia. Sorry i just had to shout , though it is obvious that i knew the answer. In the next lesson another teacher made an example using Estonia again. I was so happy ! It is so funny how little things can make you so happy sometimes.

About the IFIUS event, which you can check out on http://www.ifius.com/amsterdam if you want to know more, some changes were made. Instead of having a volleyball team from Iran we now have a team of Italian guys that play basketball. How cool(hot) is that ! Actually i got a bit scared of Iran before, because so many people told me that it is one of the strictest Islamic countries and when they come here they are like in paradise and will party a lot and court with girls, so we should be very careful. But Italians are exactly to my liking. I am a fan of Italy and i can speak a little, very little bit Italian but it is something and can impress them ! Italians are very gregarious and nice people that we can have a lot of fun ! Though i am not sure how well they speak English.

As a coincidence i watched an Italian movie yesterday : " Tre metri sopra il cielo". It was a love story, chick flick, the kind of i usually like to watch alone but it was really different because it was made by the Italians. Actually all European movies are because they are not typical American, which i don't like. I am not saying that America doesn't produce good movies, of course it does, but still many are so typical for me, too American. Movies made by other countries can be so interesting just because of the reason that it's style differ from the American. I liked the movie, though i predicted it will end happily.

The way i see it, people from Kazakhstan are truly Russians. Not that i have anything against Russians and that i want to insult somebody. My roommate speaks only Russian all the time with her family,friends and listens to Russian music. I saw a movie about Kazakhstan, not Borat, about 1 of September and it showed how going to school is celebrated there. All the girls had white, large, puffy four-in-hand ties in their hair that looked really Russian. I remember pictures of Estonian children in the Russian soviet time and they wore those things too. Still i don't know so much about Kazakhstan so maybe in the villages they speak more Kazakh and probably they have their cultural stuff too, especially to show to the tourists. But i am happy that our country managed to keep our culture and language except the Russians that have lived in Estonia for their whole life but still don't speak any Estonian. I think it is a bit offensive and rude. Still to make sure i have nothing against Russians, their cool.

A fact about Holland : Police officers, soldiers, military police- all have to be more than 1,70 meters. Height is very important criterion in that area. I think Dutch have no problems, they are very tall anyway. I have to look up for all the Dutch guys in school like i was looking  at a skyscraper. 

About clothing, to me mostly pop out in school the Spaniards, some Chinese, Muslims, who wear the scarfs all over their face and black guys, who wear awesome ghetto, hip-hop, baggy , colorful clothes. I don't know how that style can be called in one word but i like it a lot. Some girls wear big military boots, not that they have a Gothic style or what so ever, but they were them with very cute and nice dresses. A different kind of fashion for me. Many people are average too of course, mainstream. The biggest variety of clothing can be seen in big metro/train stations like the central station. Once i sat there, waiting for my friend, and just watched people passing by. Uncountable number of different styles. Many Dutch girls don't use a lot of adornments and dress quite modestly.