Free speech means the right to shout 'theatre' in a crowded fire.

This is how strong the wind here is :

Just some weird trees.  In essence the weather is nice, sun is shining mostly and not too cold for me, except the wind. This is probably why my throat is killing me, though i wear a scarf.

My first exam is already on Monday and i am a nervous. I have studied actually quite much and feel like a geek, but i am not sure if it's enough. Also it is possible that you study very hard , but still fail. I hope that won't be my case. First exam will be on open materials, which sounds great but for some people it is really hard and i am not sure if am among those people. Second exam is on English and the last is a knowledge test with multiple choice answers, which sounds also great but i don't know if the questions will be hard or not. Also because of the hard vocabulary some topics stay vague for me.

Halloween celebrations have started here and hopefully i will celebrate Halloween for the firs time in my life also next week. In Estonia we don't celebrate Halloween ( except those who drink to get drunk, because it is a good reason to drink.. again), but we have two similar holidays instead, where children dress up and go ask candy by knocking on doors. Instead of scary costumes on one of these days children dress up in dark and dirty clothes on the other day white and clean. Old Estonian traditions. Halloween seems much more fun, i have always wanted to put on something crazy. 

In National Geographic was article about places to visit in 2012. Greece was in it too. I picked out my new dream places i must see. For example:

North Columbia. Wow.

New Zealand. I am considering it also as one of the many places to do my internship in.
Talking about internship, it is still so funny how different people are. When you basically can choose one place from all of the world to go to, you choose your homeland or the land you are studying at the moment. I would go where ever as long as it is something new for me, but some people just are comfortable and don't like to travel. And i taught traveling is something everybody likes. 

A picture i found from the internet. Sailing in the sea full of ray fishes. Looks like a blanket with squared pattern. Awesome.

Tomorrow i will go eat at my classmates. I managed to set the fire alarm on, while cooking potatoes. I'm sorry neighbors for the noise and i am sorry my roommate for the smell. I really need to learn how to cook. 

I have nothing more to write though. I have been so ill that i haven't manage to go out or do anything interesting besides studying and sometimes feels like i am dying in here. I need to go out or else i will grow together with my chair. 

Appreciate what you have, some people live worse than you. This is something i have to remind myself once in a while when i start having a whiny mood, wanting to have more clothes, more money etc.

The population has reached to 7 billion. I feel like a tiny insect. Now when people say Holland is really crowded i also feel it. When i go for a walk, after every minute i bump up with somebody. In Estonia the streets can be quite dead, only you walking on it.