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"Where are you from ? "
"Oh, Estonia! Da , Da ! "

Emm..ja ne panimaju paruski...

I finally met my old friend from the summer work in Italy. It was really nice to meet again, because we haven't seen each other for a long time !

Firstly we went to Vondelpark ( one of the most popular and beautiful parks in Amsterdam, really big too) and bought Italian ice cream for the good old times.

The park was full of people, looked like some festival is going on there but just everybody came to join the beautiful weather.  You will see there every kind of people. That is one of the thing in Amsterdam that is great, everybody is so different and aren't judged by who they are. You can feel free to dress how ever you like, nobody cares. In my opinion that makes you feel much more comfortable. It is very interesting to just sit and watch the people too, the clothing, the fashion.

When we started with Italian ice cream we taught that we might as well go to Italian restaurant to enjoy the pizza. 
Amsterdam is always full of street performances, as well as people trying to sell their unique stuff like art for example or jewellery.

I am really interested in street art and these ones i find really cool due to that. For people who like street art too, then in Amsterdam i think you can find it quite a lot. Here is something simple, taken with my phone, but still cool especially for the children.

The tea bags that they sell here are just awesome!

Everybody say cheese!

One thing that is really new for me, are the urinals for men on the street.  Actually it is much more nasty to see drunk men peeing everywhere in the street, so they are really useful i think and censors some stuff.

During the day i saw a lot of my friends in the city that shows Holland/Amsterdam is still a small country/city compared to many others in the rest of the world.
 It feels quite like home here, only much more interesting.