There's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.

Last couple of days i have been ill due to the bad weather we have here.  Luckily this weekend is warm like summer then goes back to bad again. 

I haven't done anything special lately. Mostly spent my days with curing myself but this weekend i refuse staying home and i will go out again.
School has been quite fun still. I have learned interesting stuff and most teachers make a lot of jokes also. I have never heard that people travel to Costa Rica to get high by licking a special frog named blue-jeans frog.

We got a new classmate as well who joined my project group. Before i was the only girl in my group now there is a bit more female power. The project is basically finding information about one country and how it sells on Dutch market. Our group got Greece. Nice country.

Finally me and my room mate started to cook normally. One day i make dinner and next day my room mate makes dinner. Yesterday she made soup with some meat. Today she told me it was horse meat and that in Kazakhstan it is the healthiest meat and they eat it a lot there. I have never eaten horse meat before. Sounds creepy because i loved to ride with horses when i was younger, bu the meat tasted good. 

Today i went to wash my clothes which costs 7 euros here. And you will get your laundry after an hour and a half or something. 
In that hour and a half i chilled a bit and made some shopping.

Found Spongebob juice

Had my Estonian friends with me: