People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing

I have chosen the wrong school ! Now i will quit in Inholland Uni and start here instead:

Now that i have the camera i had to go to the city like a real tourist. Though i was completely tired today and could just fall asleep at any minute, it was impossible to stay home because it is +22 degrees and like a summer. The whole week will stay round +25. Welcome back summer ! I missed you!

Firstly i found myself in the gay street. A lot of men and a lot of rainbow flags. 

Then came the red light district. Seeing a nun there made my day! Actually i heard that there is a church really close to the red light district, but it is much more fun to think that the nun just went there, not that there is a church nearby. 

And i still can't get over the condoms!

Something for people who like mushrooms. I like mushrooms too, but like sauce made of chantarelles or champignons on my pizza. Yum!

My favorite kind of coffee, with tons of whipped cream:

Last but not least the adorable bunnies in the park, but this one i found in the parking lot . They run around like crazy and they are every were and there is billion of them. In the daylight you can only see the rabbit holes, though.