Our feelings are our most genuine paths to knowledge.

Today i wanted to take a shower but i discovered someone was already there. A nasty bug with hundred tiny legs. Ew.

Last night a part of our class celebrated our classmates birthday in our school bar. It was a lot of fun again. I should rather start mentioning when it is not fun.
Because i live right next to the school i am always one of the last ones to leave. Though in the morning i decided i will not live fully the student life anymore. I am broke and in the morning i was dying. Enough is enough. When i will get a job or some study fiance i can consider it again. Still it is a lot of fun. Again. I like everybody in our class too! In the end of the party only three from our class were left, including me, and others just from the school. At one point we were dancing really hard and everybody else were just staring us. I taught we were acting totally normal. Seemed like it. Maybe we were so cool that nobody couldn't take their eyes off from us anymore. Yes probably that was it.

I feel more than a grown-up by paying the bills. It took at least an hour for me to do that, though. I had to google translate every single word to make sure i will pay for the right place and wont make any mistakes. The bill, my bank account, everything is in Dutch. I hope after every month it will get easier and i don't have to use google translator for every single word.

I don't understand guys who don't really ask you out but just take you out. An example to explain what i mean. Guy : So today we are going for a walk.. Me thinking: Umm, don't you wanna know if i am free today or if i even want to. The cultural differences can cause some difficulties sometimes, i have to admit. Especially when you are from really distant cultures. Due to that i have had some misunderstandings sometimes and also when people aren't very good in English.

Dutch people are way too good in English. Once a lady behind a counter table started to speak in Dutch firstly but when i said that i am a foreigner she apologized that she can't speak English very well but will explain and then she just started to speak fluently in English and didn't even mumble that i do sometimes to think about the vocabulary or grammar. Well, if that was bad English then i can't speak English at all.

I received a package from my mom with a book called "My Amsterdam", probably they don't have an English version. But i will read it with interest for sure to compare my experiences and with my life here. Thank you mommy !

I finally bought a camera ! And will take and upload cool pictures soon !