No man is rich enough to buy back his past.

"Goodnight cockroaches !" I said, before i lay my head on the pillow.

I have never had so many pets in my life. About the mice, i heard that someone from the accommodation once woke up a mouse on his/her face. Keeping a dead mouse on your balcony doesn't sound so bad anymore.

Today my juice exploded in the fridge. I forgot that i had a little juice left so it got old and explode. One shelve in the fridge was floating of juice. I don't like this fridge, always something goes wrong with my food there.

My dear Estonian friend visited me in the weekend. She almost got hit by a police horse.

Here in Holland we have the hookers on red light district and in few other places. It's legal but if you want to have gay sex then you have to go to a certain park where gay hookers are at. This is not allowed but the police knows about it and ignores it, they just don't go to that park. Gays live in paradise here. I am still dreaming of having a gay best friend. Maybe i will find one eventually!

My weekend was like one real students has, including Monday, because Tuesday is a school free day. On Saturday i enjoyed dinner made by my Norwegian friend. We talked lot about cultural differences and i learned new things about the Scandinavians. Now i now that the cheese slicer is made in Norway.

It is so funny that some little things can be very normal to one culture but can surprise other. My Norwegian friend has an Indian guy in her group and he only has one name. I don't mean that he has one first name, but he is without a surname. He was asked, what if someone has the same name, how can they make the difference for example in some documents, but to clear those things up they have the caste system of course.

On Monday i got a really nice package from my mom. Mmm.. all that chocolate ! Thank you mom !

In the evening i went to our school bar. I love that we have a bar in the school and probably we can organize parties there too. I played pool twice. Once i got really lucky and made really good shots. Other time i sucked so bad. I just have to accept the fact that i can't play well, only sometimes luck smiles at me in pool.


Don't ever let people tell you that you aren't good enough, because you are.
Don't ever give up on your dreams, because you need them.
Don't ever compromise your morals, because they make you who you are.
Don't ever hide your feelings, because someone's willing to hear them.
Don't ever think you've got it all figured out, because the next moment you won't.
Don't ever live your life in the past, because then you'll miss out on the now.
Don't ever let people bring you down, because they don't deserve to.
Don't ever be someone you aren't, because then you'll never know who you really are.
Don't ever let someone tell you how you feel, because it's not their right to.
Don't ever give up something that feels right, because it probably is.
Don't ever worry about the petty things, because they just don't matter.
Don't ever run away from your problems, because they always find you.
Don't ever be afraid to take risks, because they make life worth living.
Don't ever let someone take away your happiness, because it was never theirs to take!