Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.

This weekend the weather has been warm and sunny. Wow!
On Friday i went to the city again. It is always very crowded and in every corner there is something going on. I love it!
Saw a man doing massive bubbles like in the David Guetta video with Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj. The picture is bad but maybe you can still figure something out. But yes the bubbles were so huge , some bigger than in the video. Awesome !
( The bubble is above and more in the right corner)

Again some funny condoms that always make me laugh and imagine very nasty stuff.

Do some people really use them ?

On Saturday i was unable to do anything because of the awesome Friday. So i just chilled in my container ( that's how people call this place) and a friend from Azerbaijan showed me videos of he's country. It is very beautiful. Some buildings reminded me the cartoon of Aladdin.
I can say that the campus never sleeps. Never. Like the city never sleeps. Every day i hear someone having a party here. It is impossible to get bored i think, but it is harder to find peace and quiet when you need some. Early in the mornings it is quiet but then you want to sleep. I think people who wake up early for no reason and without an alarm clock are crazy. For me it is impossible.
A really funny saying from my friend from Ireland :

Taking a shower at my new place reminds me of when I lived at the campus. Any time I take a shower the shower curtain sticks to my ass. Brings back good memories ♥ haha

This is why I take a shower ass towards the wall.
I think the little things will add so much in the student life. You will never forget them and always funny to remember.