Let it rain over me...

If you are living in Holland you never, never ever, you do not forget your umbrella at home. Today i forgot my umbrella home. At one point it felt like someone just threw a enormous cask full of water at me.

Today school was boring but i had to skip some classes again. I finally registered my living place here.

Funny thing with the school is that i heard many teachers here are gay. I have nothing against that, actually i think they will be even more fun, unless it starts to affect my grades. If all the boys get much better grades i will be mad or jealous.

No offence Netherlands but you have the most disgusting snails or what so ever in the world. They literally look like shit. At first when i saw i taught it was some animals poop till i discovered it moves. Obscene.

I finally got to do some sports. I went to gym ! Still i can't wait till i find a good dancing studio for me.
Today was first time i rode with a bike here. I borrowed a really strange bike and it was so funny to ride with it. I was like sitting on a very small chair with pedals.  I want to get my own bike soon but i have to find a dealer first. Here you can get a stolen bike about like for ten or fifteen euros. New bike costs at least hundred euros and if that will be stolen.... how much it would suck.