If you want to know where your heart is...look where your mind goes when it wonders.

Instead of having a super cute dog and a super cute rabbit i have a dead mouse on my balcony. At least i don't have to feed it every day or go out with it. Also now i know who was responsible for the mouse poop i found.

Yesterday there was karaoke night in our school bar. Many people rather yelled than sang but well this is karaoke. Was fun to watch. Guys from Azerbaijan performed with an awesome beat boxing. I still can't believe how it is possible to make so many different sounds an beats with a mouth.

Finally i went shopping. Thursday is a good day for shopping because the shops stay open till round nine, otherwise till six. Found many nice shops and many nice clothes, though i have to say i don't like the style that is so in right now. Everywhere you can find the same colors and same kind of style. Very few colorful, which i like. Luckily there are still some cool colorful, special shops, but the well known shops ( Vero Moda, H&M) are kind of the same.

Found angry birds t-shirts and hoodies

A little bit street art for Mr. Kööp. Ps.Kööp the metros are full of graffiti for you. 

You always pass many coffee shops

I must say i love the big city atmosphere and i feel more and more like home. Also that the city never sleeps(except the shops).

When the walls fall all around you
When your hope has turned to dust
Let the sound of love surround you
Beat like a heart in each of us!”