No man in the world has more courage than the man who can stop after eating one peanut.

I don’t want to impress you but, I can cook 2 minute noodles.

Yesterday i went out with my room mate to her friends place. Another friend of theirs from the US came to visit and cooked for us. I haven't had something so delicious for such a long time. I ate some pasta salad and barbecue meat with sauce that tasted like peanut butter. This sauce was super delicious. I was thinking: f**k how will i ever learn to cook like that. Of course i can cook more than only 2 minute noodles, but i really need to improve my cooking skills.
After eating we went out to drink and party. I love that Amsterdam nightlife is so alive not like in Estonia that in some point the streets become dead. I also love that Amsterdam is a multicultural city. Where ever you go you always meet people from different countries with different customs.
Some interesting custom examples. A girl in my class from Namibia never could watch her teacher in the eyes. They had to stay  eyes down during the whole lectures. One of our teachers had a French student that every morning when coming to school he/she had to kiss everybody first. A lot of kisses.

When I’m in class and I get hungry

Turning on every light on your way to the kitchen

Must post it :

When girls walk with their butt sticking out and chest pushed upwards


No thanks, I don't want to make a tumbrl.