I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose.

Today i managed to turn my bathroom into a fountain. I was cleaning our dust pins because they smelled like somebody had died in there. Or maybe we have a dead mouse again somewhere. Anyway the shower hose turned into a live anaconda while bursting water out. The whole bathroom floor was watering. Yesss , some extra work !
But now i appreciate so much more cleaning lady's, their work can be very disgusting sometimes.Most of all i appreciate the cleaning my mom did. She used to clean the house while i was just being comfortable.

The day itself was really funny too. Managed not to study very well because there was too much joking going around.

Now i sincerely think my Dutch teacher is a total pothead. She messed up everything in the morning and was way to confused about things, that made all of us confused too.

Now i am sitting here, just came from jogging and attached a device to myself reminding me butterfly abs (actual name Slenderstone). I got it from my friend, because he hasn't used it at all and was planning not to use it in the future as well. This is the funniest thing ever, my whole belly vibrates. I hope tomorrow i will have a six pack .

I saw a superhot guy in school. Damn, i have no idea who he is , what he studies and the school is so big so that i wont meet him probably often if i will see him again.

And no, i didn't make this post because of the gay joke in facebook. Incidentally it was funny. I don't care anyway what people think because people always think too much but the truth knows one oneself.