I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying.

I take you to the candy shop...

The silver balls on the right don't look like candies at all. They look more like jewelry.
In the candy shop i struggled really hard to not to start eating all the candies like a lunatic.

It feels like summer here. I went out only with a top and shorts on. I heard that in Estonia at 6 o'clock it is already dark outside. We still have the sun out. Jelly?
Okay i'm sorry that was very mean. For the Estonians, read the text above like this : I am freezing my ass off here and the whole day is dark outside.

It is very funny that every time some Dutch people come to me and start speaking in Dutch, i automatically speak as much as i can in Dutch too, or make some combinations with English. In the supermarket a disabled lady asked me for help. She couldn't reach for the cream on top of the shelves. I totally understood her , only wasn't sure which cream exactly she wanted, but i managed to help her and i am very proud of myself. One guy saw us and came to help too but i managed already. The guy asked me in Dutch if i speak Dutch and i answered in Dutch, no i can't speak it.  Umm.. how come you understood then and replied?

A bird pooped on my laptop bag. I hope my laptop is very lucky now. After i saw all the poop on my laptop bag, i looked up and saw the bird sitting on a pole, its ass right towards me. Again i found proof that i am a total bird poop magnet. Though maybe it has brought me all the luck that i have.