Fortunately I don't suffer from the tragedy of perfection.

" Not every gay wants to be gay on his holiday" They teach us interesting things in school. For me it doesn't make sense. Can you change your orientation with a blink of an eye ?

Good news: i think i can afford a camera to make better pictures. Also our class will be going to London in November, and in February either to Germany or Czech Republic. Next year we are planning to go to Canary islands and then travel more and more and more and... damn, i need to get a job to afford all this. But still I am so exited and i just can't hide it!

Today i just chilled out in our school bar and went to the city for a while. It's good to take it easy sometimes, saves some money. I think most of my money i have wasted due going out. But Amsterdam is still amazing and you can't say no for going out. Only here you can find a man walking around with bunny ears and an apron. Only here you can see the streets full of smoked joints. And only here are the most educating and cultural museums, to where teachers should take second graders to broaden their horizons.

I finally found a way to waste my energy that i could fall asleep at normal time. Last days i haven't been able to fall asleep, so i have rolled around in my bed like some psycho.  Namely i have gone to jogging. The park behind our accommodation is full of cute little bunnies with white fluffy tails. It was hard to run, because the view was just adorable! Many people find bunnies boring, but i just adore them ! And i, for instance, find my rabbit very funny, cool and fooling always around, making me happy and giving me fluffy kisses.Though my classmate thinks my rabbit is ugly. I will kill everybody who dares to say that. Just kidding! Or am I ?

I tried being normal. I didn't like it.