Ever since happiness heard your name, it has been running through the streets trying to find you.

My tutor: You must be a happy person.
Me: I am.

Sometimes i feel like i am the most lucky person in the world. I have everything that i need and my life is exiting, adventures come up once in a while and i laugh every day a bunch.

Yesterday i had so much fun in our school bar. Some of my classmates were there and some people from other tourism class were too. I must say that strip poles are a big hit in a club. When you decide to open your own bar/club one day, make sure you will put strip poles there. Everybody were using them. Some for dancing, others for something that should have been dancing. All in all i laughed very much again and had so much fun.

Today waking up wasn't fun though .

Lectures on Monday are the most boring ones. Thank god we have funny teachers here as well. 
One of the best teachers is a guy(gay???), who talks about adventures he had in he's life. He once was kicked out from an island but he didn't want to tell us why, yet. I am looking forward to hearing that. I also learned from him that if you want to earn money as a rep(representative), then you can't work for more than two years as a rep. Otherwise you will need mental treatment, because that job is just a party after party. People give you everything free because you bring guests to them. So you can get easily free entrance in every club not to mention free alcohol. Sounds a nice job, huh ?

Ps. Challenge to Anja . Challenge accepted?