College is the best time of your life. When else are your parents going to spend several thousand dollars a year just for you to go to a strange town and get drunk every night?

Yesterday my black bread was all covered with ice, though i changed the icy mode to normal mode on our fridge. If i won't put it in the fridge it will mold...

What is more, i couldn't sleep at all yesterday. Some people here were partying too hard. I heard loud yelling, singing and people running around or up and down the stairs. I recommend myself buying ear plugs for the nights i need to sleep and otherwise just join the noise or make noise yourself. Welcome to college life!

I have noticed a certain improvement. Students in first class take the seats randomly. Second and further classes everybody is willing to kill each other to get a better seat. It continued in gymnasium. Now everybody is chill and cool and sits where ever, no fighting. Me likes.

In Saint Martin sometimes cooking a cat in a microwave just happens. I will send animal cops to Saint Martin!

When i will get i bike eventually, i will learn how to park like this :

Here the traffic is like this :  Bicyclist is the king, then comes pedestrian and after all the others and finally car drivers. Sometimes you can get from point A to B much faster by foot than with a car. Cars can be quite useless here. Though they never stop when a pedestrian is waiting to cross the road. I am used to wait that drivers stop and give the way. In the beginning i waited so long and taught why all the drivers are waving thanks for me. After some time i realized they were thanking me for letting them pass. Now i try to cross the road more aggressively or i may find myself waiting forever.