Celebrate we will, because life is short but sweet for certain.

Yesterday was a very fun day.
Firstly i slept in and missed some classes, one of my favorite classes too. Usually sleeping was one thing that i was really good at. I fell asleep quite easily and no noise could wake me up. Couple of days i have been struggling with sleeping and i can't sleep well at all. Everything wakes me up, except the alarm clock in the morning, because then i finally have fallen asleep and sleeping very hard. I really need to buy those ear plugs.

At three o'clock our class went to a boat trip along the canals. Amsterdam is so beautiful. I am really desperate to buy a camera. I need it so much for now. Anyway if i would have the camera i would have taken photos like this :

After this we went around the city. I saw the sex museum outside. Many of my classmates said that it is quite boring or nothing special, but i still want to see it with my own eyes.
Bought some super delicious cupcakes. I would eat them everyday, but i would get really fat then.

The city is full of street performances. You will see many "statues" too.
This one was really good. Firstly we observed it from far. It didn't move a thing. It looked really like a statue. My classmate went and walked twice around him, really closely and then he announced that this is a statue, it has no eyes. I was curios and went to look by myself, when suddenly it moved. I was so scared for a moment and almost had a heart attack. Of course then i had to make pictures with him  and give some money, but he deserved it. I took the picture with one of my dear classmates :)
When i get the group pictures we took, i will add them too.

After chilling around some of us decided to go home , others party. I of course wanted to party. Friday, u know. We went to chill out in a park and took some drinks with us. Of course it started to rain when we finally found a place to sit. When you ever chill in a park in Amsterdam you probably will be disturbed by people who are on drugs and really messed up. First we met a guy that was quite okay. Chill. He was just desperate that he doesn't have any friends and so he sat near us. Other guy was very disturbing. May have been gay as well. He started to compliment my classmates(he) jeans and looks and wanted to touch. Hmm. We asked nicely him to leave. He had a bike too and fell couple of times because of his condition. Good luck with the bruises in the morning.
Later we went to some clubs and pubs again. And now that i have been in one club many times, i think the representative in the door, who invites people to come in, remembers my face quite well. Due to that we got some free drinks.
I had really much fun, though the morning wasn't so fun again.
Student life is a party.

The weather here has been perfect for a while. No rain. Sun and warmth. Until last night, and today it is very rainy again. Back to normal Holland again.

At some point i am afraid my future will be like this :