Welcome to the good life

Okay now i have more time to tell you about what is going on.
Everything is cool except the weather. Veeery rainy all the time but well that's not a problem for me because i come from Estonia- one of the darkest and coldest country that the rain won't melt me :d
Today the best news was that on Monday my school starts at 13.15 ( or 13.30 i already forgot, anyway really late) It's only this Monday but still cool :) Otherwise my classes will start 8.30 and the latest 9.30 and end about 16.30. Tuesday is free! Wohoooo! I am really looking forward the lessons from one teacher who gave us a lecture also on Thursday. He was really funny and had a drugs sex n rock n roll period in his life where he was so crazy. He already told us that he got married in Vegas because it was only 10 dollars. Can't wait to hear the rest of his stories.
Only thing that is annoying is messing around all with the life insurance, register my home address and tons of other shit...
Tonight is also a party organized by school but this one is out Amsterdam. I definitely will go there because i want to see Amsterdam of course.
Please don't think i am high and drunk all the time because i am in Amsterdam. I am not. Really i am not.