Today i woke up and then went to breakfast. I eat cereals with milk. I opened my refrigerator and discovered my milk was frozen. I had cereals with ice today instead.

Yesterday was the first school day. I was a bit scared because i didn't know anybody but it all went well. We had a group assignment to discover out the school by ourselves so from that we already got to know each other. I made some friends and got all well with couple of girls when i was finally separated form them to another class. I was like shit, now i don't know anybody again but fortunately some guys were there from my previous group so it was cool. Then we got to know our classmates. They seemed cool. What i like the best is that we have so many different nationalities here. For tourism and leisure management both we have 30+ different nationalities. Many people are still coming though.
And after all that there was a party. There i got to know the most people i think. It was super fun. And what more can i say. Amsterdam = Party :D