"That is not a drug. It's a leaf." - Arnold Schwarzenegger

Today i ate warm meal made by microwave. Yummm.

Tuesday is a school free day for self studying but school just started so i didn't get any homework yet.  I decided to go and see Amsterdam because i hadn't seen it yet when sober nor in the daylight. I only had visited the clubs so far. But Amsterdam is a very beautiful city for sure.
You will smell weed at least after every 15 minutes. I visited another coffee shop too to use their toilet.
I also kicked my friends ass in pool! In the end he had six balls on the table i had zero. I just needed to show off a bit :D
My friend took me to the red light street, i asked him to show it to me. Saw some hookers on the windows. Some pretty some fat but most of them weren't working yet because it was quite early ( round 8 o'clock).

Found a book for myself

Drank hot chocolate because it is so cold here

Drug store

 Fantasy Condoms

In this shop the security guard is a cat. Watch out !

My new pets